Why paper bags are trending for a wedding gift

A wedding is the most joyous occasion in everyone’s lives. A lot goes in the planning of the wedding – venue for the wedding, caterers, dishes to be prepared, jewelry, clothes, photographer, and the list goes on. To add to this list, deciding on the wedding return gifts or wedding favors is time-consuming. The wedding […]

Reasons why your business need custom packaging

custom packaging

Custom packaging plays a crucial role in telling a brand’s identity. In many cases, custom packaging caters to the first physical communication of a customer with a product. It makes it easy to interact with data about the brand and interact with customers in a personal manner. Today, organizations are taking benefit of custom packaging […]

Why retailers are using cardboard as a packaging material

Cardboard packaging material

The most preferred packaging material used by most of the retailers is cardboard. Whether it is packing a small food item to large refrigerators and televisions.  If you are looking for growing your business from a small scale to a large scale, you should grasp the knowledge about cardboard as your packaging material. Here you […]

Eco-friendly packing boxes boost your business sales

Packing Boxes

  What is eco-friendly packaging? With the evolution of business policy from retail to e-commerce, there comes a need for evolving the way things are bundled. Eco-friendly packaging is the new form of packaging which utilizes sustainable material or used resources for the purpose of structuring and bundling. This small change from unsustainable to sustainable […]

Why E-Commerce Industry Need Packing Boxes

The packaging is a theatre, it can create a story. In this comestible world, it is said that people eat with their eyes. A memorable presentation truly leads to perception formation and hence a positive impression. According to W.J. Stanton, “Packaging is the general group of activities in product planning which helps in value designing […]