Ditch plastic! Here is why should businesses opt for paper bags

Why should we use paper bags for daily use? It is a ubiquitous question that is popping in the minds of countless businesses and individuals. And the reason for this change is very straightforward, which is to save the environment from the harmful chemicals of plastic bags. But if we talk about businesses individually, then […]

Boost your business recognition with custom print paper bags

Gone are the days when the paper bags were very delicate and looked like plain paper. The actual use of paper bags started in the 18th century, and since then, these reusable carriers have taken a huge leap. Whether you are going shopping for grocery items or regular shopping for any brand, shopping bags are […]

Environmental Benefits of Using Paper Bags

Nowadays, when you hear the question from the salesman of supermarket- ‘Paper or Plastic?”, the answer is quite evident, and that is paper. The reason is almost every individual very well knows that plastic is harmful both for the environment and the individual. Specifically, this plastic is clogging up the oceans, choking the wildlife, and […]

Different types of Paper bags

Nowadays, paper bags have become the latest trend all over the world for various purposes like carrying things, for packaging, etc. This popularity is not only because of the environmentally friendly option, but it has the power to allow more customization as compared to plastic bags. With countless advantages, these paper bags are helping the […]

Paper Bag Vs. Plastic Bags: Which One is Best and Environmentally Friendly

When going shopping at the supermarket on weekdays, the cashier spouts at the customer, which bag they need- Paper or Plastic? In this case, for some people, this decision is entirely stressful. The reason is if you consider your convenience, then a plastic bag is more comfortable, and if you want to make your environment […]

Top Paper Bag Manufacturing Companies

Due to increasing awareness about the environment and about the ecosystem around the need for paper bag usage despite of plastic is increasing and to supply the demand there are a number of companies that produce paper bags have also increased significantly. Meanwhile the consumers are facing difficulty in finding the quality manufacturers as well […]