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Eco-friendly packing boxes boost your business sales

Packing Boxes

  What is eco-friendly packaging? With the evolution of business policy from retail to e-commerce, there comes a need for evolving the way things are bundled. Eco-friendly packaging is the new form of packaging which utilizes sustainable material or used resources for the purpose of structuring and bundling. This small change from unsustainable to sustainable […]

Why E-Commerce Industry Need Packing Boxes

The packaging is a theatre, it can create a story. In this comestible world, it is said that people eat with their eyes. A memorable presentation truly leads to perception formation and hence a positive impression. According to W.J. Stanton, ‚ÄúPackaging is the general group of activities in product planning which helps in value designing […]

Types Of Packaging Boxes for your Product Marketing

According to a recent survey and CAGR report, 23% of economic contribution in the world economy is from the packaging boxes.  There may be some questions arising in your head about these packaging boxes like;  Why this much contribution to the economy is solely from these unworthy boxes?  Well, the answer may be the increasing […]

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