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Plastic bags are almost banned in every nation, but there are many supermarkets and shops in India where you can see plastic bags offered to clients. And when someone asks them why they are using plastic bags, they smile. This means they are ignoring the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. 

In addition to that, they are not responsible for society, the atmosphere, and future generations. In one of the reports, it is found that every whole year, the world is using 5 trillion plastic bags, and no doubt they are killing the planet up to a great extent. 

However, if you are concerned about the atmosphere and want to make your environment clean and green, then make it free of plastic. That’s why we have come up with this post through which you will come to know various alternatives to plastic carry bags. So, let’s explore those substitutes of plastic carry bags: –

non woven bags

     1. Non-woven bags

When the governments of various nations banned plastic bags in their own country, many other types of bags came into demand. One of those types is non-woven bags. It is manufactured with two main things that are plastic and cloth. 

When this type of non-woven bag was first introduced in the market, some people believed that this is not a good option. But when we have taken a close look at its features, like it can be reused and recycled, then it comes up as the green alternative.

 According to the latest report of market experts, the overall demand for non-woven bags has taken a high boom of around 20% since when the plastic bags are banned. 

For instance, one of the street vendors of Delhi said that clients are pleased with these non-woven bags as they are highly durable. He also said although they are costly; yet if we are helping the atmosphere to be saved, then spending just Rs 1 more on every bag is satisfying.

     2. Canvas bags

This is another alternative to plastic bags, which is quite thicker and more durable. It is made up of cotton and is highly durable that can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes.

However, compared to conventional cotton bags in the past, these canvas bags are light in weight and cost-effective. The best part of these bags is you can wash them regularly and can reuse numerous times. 

In addition to that, if you believe in doing it yourself, then buy material from the market and then stitch your own.

     3. Paper bags

If you compare both single-use paper bags and plastic bags, then these paper bags are 100% biodegradable, can be recycled easily, and reusable. Basically, the paper bag comes in two shades, that is brown and white. 

Moreover, brown shade paper bags are used more as compared to white. However, white color is only used by the brands for their advertisements. They have varied uses like, can be used as lunch bags, grocery bags, wine bags, etc.

     4. Jute bags

A jute bag is another excellent substitute for plastic carry bags for various purposes. One of the manufacturers of jute bags who make around 1000 bags a day said that, after plastic bags have been banned, the demand for jute bags has slightly surged. 

There is no doubt jute bags are somewhat costlier than the various other types of containers. The reason for this is it contains plastic, but they are not as harmful to the atmosphere as plastic bags.

     5. Eco-friendly bags made out of natural starches

One of the companies based in Mangalore, India, is manufacturing plastic bags alternatives with zip and cling wraps. When you first see them, they entirely look like plastic bags, but they are made of natural starches and vegetable waste. 

However, they are costly than plastic bags, but they are the cheapest alternative, which is helping the atmosphere to be safe.

     6. Denim bags

Every single person knows that denim is highly reliable and durable. If you compare both plastic and denim bags, then the latter can hold high capacity than the former. The best part is they can be easily washed and preserved, and you can also stitch by yourself with an old pair of jeans.

     7. Basket bags

Well, these basket bags look very rustic, that’s why countless people like them. However, there are very few things that you can carry in this type of bag like flowers, wine, eggs, etc.

So, these are the best alternatives to plastic carry bags, which can help the atmosphere to be safe and fit for living. However, banning plastic bags is successful up to some extent in terms of the environment but not entirely. The reason is just banning anything is not the solution of anything; instead, we have to support this move of the government to live healthily. 

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