Benefits Of Using Paper Bags

Nowadays, when you hear the question from the salesman of supermarket- ‘Paper or Plastic?”, the answer is quite evident, and that is paper. The reason is almost every individual very well knows that plastic is harmful both for the environment and the individual. Specifically, this plastic is clogging up the oceans, choking the wildlife, and in all other forms, it has created havoc in the whole globe.

That’s why the industry of paper bags is positioning itself as the natural solution to make the environment safe and healthy. If you talk about paper industries, for many years, they are part of trade and commerce. From the past, jute and cloth are used to pack things in large quantities. But shopkeepers and retailers all over the world are using paper bags.

However, with the introduction of plastic bags, paper bags were restricted for some time. But as soon as people got to know how plastic is creating havoc in the environment, after that, more and more people started using paper bags. And no doubt, paper printed bags are becoming the latest and hot trend these days. Men and women of all age groups are using them.

In addition to that, there are reports stating that paper is also deteriorating the atmosphere up to a great extent. According to some reports, it is found that the manufacturing of paper utilizes more water than in the production of plastic bags.

Furthermore, the energy consumption of paper bags is high in comparison to plastic bags, and it also produces three times more greenhouse gases. Moreover, one of the essential points is that people think that paper bags are not durable. For instance, if you are coming from shopping after buying some grocery items and in between rain comes. Then this paper bag will not save your things; instead, waste your money and time both.

No doubt all these above points are valid about the manufacturing of paper bags but, if you examine overall results, then paper bags are much better than plastic bags in all aspects. So, to make everything clear about paper bags, we have summed up a few environmental benefits of paper bags. After reading the below points, all your doubts will go in vain, and you will start using paper bags.

     1. Paper is biodegradable

In this regard, if you talk about plastic, then its reputation is quite inadequate as it does not dissolve easily and remains buried in the landfills. 

According to the latest report, plastic is not at all biodegradable, and it takes around 500 hundred years or more than that to destroy.

But, the waste of paper bags will not linger on the earth’s surface for many years. 

For example, if you use paper bags, the earth will not lose numerous species of animals, seas, lakes, etc. And the essential thing is the soil does not lose its fertility. That’s why use paper bags and make your environment and yourself safe as paper degrades in less than six months, and after degradation, its waste will turn into fertile for vegetation.  

     2. Paper saves the energy

Besides various other benefits, there is one more reason why it is called environmentally friendly is that it saves lots of energy. This means it is manufactured by cutting trees which are available locally. And by this, the cost of importing any other raw material saves energy.

     3. Paper bags are reusable

Nowadays, as pollution is growing, the experts are very concerned about how it is impacting the environment. So, in order to save the atmosphere and nature, numerous paper bag manufacturers are setting up their market for help. This will, indeed, positively help nature.

So, once you use any of the paper bags, you can also reuse it for any other work. That’s why, nowadays, numerous business owners and the clients are using paper bags so that they can accurately help the environment.

     4. Helpful in conserving natural resources

This is one of the significant and essential environmental conveniences of using paper bags. This means they are made or extracted from a solution that is unbleached and recycled from brown kraft paper so that crucial natural resources, energy, and greenhouse emissions can be reduced. 

     5. Helps in saving marine animals

Because of the plastic bags, marine animals are in great danger. The reason is when plastic clogs the oceans, lakes, rivers, its harmful toxic chemicals are swollen by marine animals that results in their death. Apart from it, when animals swell any piece of the plastic, it automatically blocks the throat by which any food will not be able to enter the stomach.

Due to starvation, especially sea turtles, minke whales, seabirds die. The reason is they think that the plastic bag is jellyfish or any other food item. So, in order to save the atmosphere from further degradation, use more and more paper bags as it will dispose quickly and don’t harm marine life.

     6. Helps in cutting down toxic waste

From the past few years, toxic waste is one of the major concerns in all nations. And you will not believe one of the critical reasons behind this is the use of plastic bags. So, if you want to make your environment and yourself safe, then adopt and promote the usage of paper bags.

      7. They are cheap

The cost of paper bags in the market is very cheap. The reason behind this is they are made of locally available material in which the value of export saves. However, if you buy paper bags in wholesale, then it will save large bucks.

     8. Helps in promoting brand

Nowadays, paper bags are moved towards as a piece of style which is used by brands to promote their products and services. Various manufacturers ask paper manufactures to print such attractive and customized paper bags that every other client will quickly come to them. 

     9. Paper bags are fresh

These kraft paper bags are excellent for packing food (even hot) that will stay fresh till you eat. The reason for this is they have air pores that help in circulating air. For instance, bananas are also shipped from part of the nation to others using kraft paper boxes so that they remain fresh. 

Go environment-friendly with paper bags

Using paper bags for various uses can be advantageous. This useful product has been saving the atmosphere over the years since its inception because of its eco-friendly qualities. In addition to that, it has become the branded option for many of the Indian and international brands, as by using custom made and highly attractive paper bags, companies are helping the atmosphere and keeping themselves ahead of the competition.

So, if you are manufacturing paper bags or one of the concerned clients for the environment, then don’t worry by thinking people will not use them as they are not durable. Instead, promote your business via paper bags as nowadays more and more people very well know how crucial the environment is for them in order to survive safely without any diseases. So, the overall advantages of using paper bags outweigh any other carry bag for carrying things from the market.  

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