Printing custom printed paper bags with these quirky methods

Custom Printed Paper Bags

Are you looking for an effective and affordable way to promote your brand? Then custom printed paper bags are the best promotional thing that you can give your customers with the buying and make your brand reputed among a large section of people. 

Well, in the market, due to harmful chemicals produced by plastic bags, paper bags are gaining more importance.

And no doubt, these paper bags are helping the environment and the businesses in an excellent way. Nowadays, more and more people are using paper bags and especially custom printed paper bags which they are getting from brands after buying something. 

So, just assume how much impact these custom paper bags are making on businesses. The paper bags manufacturing companies are using the highest quality material while manufacturing them so that brands will get the optimum benefit. And side by side, their business will also grow.

So, overall, it is not fake to say that these custom printed paper bags are an eco-friendly option for businesses inclusive of retailers, supermarkets, medical lines, etc. They directly enhance brand visibility and image and also act as a terrific promotional tool on various occasions, events, and even on daily usage.
Now you might be thinking that what are the various methods of printing these custom printed paper bags? Then you have landed in the right place as through this post, you will come to know about that.

Paper manufacturing companies have different paper printing machines that are highly technology-based. And the most crucial thing that business sees before selecting any of the custom printed paper bags is: –

  • Items which businesses offer to their clients
  • The thickness of the custom paper bag
  • Size of the bag according to the product
  • Type of handle

So, let’s get started with the methods of printing custom printed paper bags: 

1. Foil printing

This type of printing is exceptional that with the help of heat, metallic paper, pressure creates shiny designs and various kinds of graphics on the custom paper bags. And the best part about this type of printing is it creates the focus point on the chosen design.
Moreover, the foil which is used in printing has a heated die on it, which permanently sticks to the material under it. However, this type of printing can only be done on the selection of shades and finishes that delivers flexibility as compared to other printing methods.

2. Litho printing

It is also called lithographic or offset printing. In this type of printing, the image which you want to produce on your paper bags is placed on the plate. After this, that plate is covered with different shades and then used for printing. The essential thing in this type of printing is it needs excellent skills, and they must be mixed correctly and must be placed in the right order.

3. Flexo printing

This type of printing is the latest, or you can say the modern version of letterpress printing, which is not just used in paper bags; instead on various other materials. In this type of printing, the plates called flexible photopolymer printing plates with ink on it are wrapped in and around the rotating cylinders on a web press.

With flexography, a large number of orders are printed without much interference. It is excellent for packaging and labels.

4. Digital printing

Through digital printing, you can process digital-based images directly on the media or paper bags. In this type of printing, the manufacturing unit doesn’t print plate-like offset printing. This means the files in the form of PDF or any other form are directly sent to the printing press to print on paper or any other thing. 

5. Screen printing

It is also known as silk printing, and it is one of the most famous printing techniques which is used on various custom paper bags. Moreover, in this type of printing, the frame is created, which is directly printed on the sheet. After that, according to the choice, different shades are screened on the material with the help of a scraper. 

Final thoughts

So, above are the various methods of printing custom printed paper bags. The manufacturing companies can decide which method is best for manufacturing custom printed paper bags for them considering the material, design, and speed of delivery. 

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