Types Of Packaging Boxes for your Product Marketing

According to a recent survey and CAGR report, 23% of economic contribution in the world economy is from the packaging boxes. 

There may be some questions arising in your head about these packaging boxes like; 

Why this much contribution to the economy is solely from these unworthy boxes? 

Well, the answer may be the increasing trend in online shopping and the safety of the products that you get from the market. 

From a little pin to a significant size home appliance, everything that you will purchase comes in different types of packaging boxes

According to the recent survey done by research, the analysts concluded that 60% of commercial online sites make a massive investment in different types of packaging boxes to make their product more effective and promote safe delivery. 

But the question is, what are the different types of packaging boxes available in the market that we can use for the packaging of our stuff?

So, to answer this question, let’s have a look at the types of packaging boxes that we are going to explain below. 

Different types of packaging boxes 

There are two different types of packaging boxes available in the niche- one is folding cartons, and another is rigid cartons. 

Folding cartons or boxes- The folding cartons are amongst those packaging boxes which manufacturers make from a single foldable sheet of the board. 

The material used in the manufacturing may be corrugated board, paper board, and fiberboard. 

The most common example of this packaging box is a pizza box. 

Rigid cartons or boxes- The rigid cartons are amongst that kind of packaging boxes that have a different part of top and bottom. They are also known as telescopic boxes. 

The shoe box is the most common example of rigid boxes. However, some electronic items like mobile and clothing items also come in this kind of packaging box. 

Depending upon the different types of materials to be packed and according to the construction, these different types of packaging boxes are categorized into:

     1. Corrugated boxes 

 These are made by paper boards and are light in nature. But they are sturdy enough to handle the weight of heavy packaging appliances. The basic design and structure of the box is created from two layers of the line boards that are made from the heavy paper. 

But the multiple corrugated paper board boxes are also combined to create rigid three wall boxes that are used in shipping industries. 

The best thing about these boxes is they are easily recyclable and cost-effective too. The majority of eCommerce sites use these packaging boxes for shipping the products safely. 

     2. Boxboard cartons 

 These kinds of boxes are made from thick paper boards which have 250 GSM grammage. The paper board boxes are efficiently designed and printed with exciting colors and can also be linked up with other materials. 

These boxes are also foldable tortuously and used by the retail companies to pack retail boxes. Toys, mobiles, gadgets, cigarettes, and other liquor products are packaged in these different types of box packaging. 

They are also easy to laminate and are water-resistant for enhancing their strength.  

     3. Aseptic cartons 

 The aseptic cartons are amongst those different types of packaging boxes that have multi-layers. These kinds of boxes are commonly used for storing soups, desserts, baby food, and fruit juices. 

The aseptic layer of packing prevents the food from spoilage and other forms of damages. Moreover, these cartons help in preserving the nutritional value, texture, and flavor of the food for the long term. 

Tetra packs are the most common example of these kinds of aseptic cartons that can withstand high temperatures and also protect from the oxidation of the food. 

Although these cartons are not recyclable, the material used in the manufacturing of these cartons like polyethylene is helpful in protecting food for the long term.  

     4. Gable tops cartons 

 These are also multilayered type cartons that are used in the storage of refrigerated products like milk, juices, and other food products. 

The Gable Top is also a variant of the aseptic cartons, but they have a separate cap on the top. And this makes these gables cartons easily reusable. 

The best thing about using these cartons is you can store your food again in these cartons. 

     5. Eggs cartons 

 Eggs are the most delicate things that need to be transported with extra care. So, these egg packages are amongst those different types of packaging boxes that are made from the pulp of the recycled paper. 

But there are some egg cartons or boxes that are made from the plastic material as well. 

Final thoughts 

So, these are different types of box packaging that are made from paper and plastic to transport well efficiently from one place to another. 

The eCommerce websites and various industries use these kinds of boxes for packaging their products. 

Most of them are recyclable and reusable too, that adds another plus point in having these boxes. 

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