Different Types Of Paper Bags

Nowadays, paper bags have become the latest trend all over the world for various purposes like carrying things, for packaging, etc. This popularity is not only because of the environmentally friendly option, but it has the power to allow more customization as compared to plastic bags.

With countless advantages, these paper bags are helping the atmosphere to get rid of various harmful toxins and saving marine life from the plastic. In addition to that, if you talk about business, it is not merely a paper bag for them, it is an opportunity to make their brand recognized and earn handsome profit and growth.

Moreover, if you see the invention of paper bags, its machine was discovered by Francis Wolle in the year 1852. With this invention, incredible options are developing since then with numerous qualities like reusable, biodegradable, recyclable, etc.

These different types of paper bags come in various sizes and shapes according to the needs of the people and the business. And each of the different types of paper bags has its use. So, let’s explore different types of paper bags used nowadays for varied purposes: –

     1. Simple brown kraft paper bags

These bags are one of the simple and common types of paper bags that you can see in most of the departmental stores and supermarkets. Mainly, they are used to store varied kinds of grocery items. 

They are manufactured with the help of simple brown kraft paper, and the bottom is reinforced with another sheet of paper only. 

Well, if you talk about its durability, then it is not that durable but an individual can use it numerous times till it wears out. The best part is, the recycling process of these kraft based paper bags is very easy.

     2. S.O.S bags

SOS means Stand-on-shelf bags that are very similar to kraft paper bags if you talk about design. Mainly, it is used to carry lunch for both office workers and school-going children. However, if you compare these SOS bags with kraft paper bags, then the former is somewhat more reliable and comes with top handle.

They not only come in the brown shade; instead, you can find various types of colors in these types of bags. The best part is they can make an excellent choice for packaging and gifting.

     3. Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom paper bags look like envelopes and can be used for packaging small things. The construction of these bags is done in such a way that they remain open when something is added inside them. 

However, it comes with the tapered end, envelope-like seal, and with grease-resistant lining. It is one of the best options for baked and dry products.

     4. Merchandise bags

As the name says merchandise, this means they are mainly used for business purposes and no doubt they are of high quality. Both small and big retail stores use these paper bags to promote and attract their business. In addition to that, various online stores have started using these merchandise bags for product shipping.

Moreover, with the help of some customization, business owners or numerous event planners make these paper bags eye-catching and impressive.

     5. Euro tote

It is called a sophisticated lunch bag, and its design is very similar to SOS bags. But the only difference is it comes with fancy handles, with customized branding, and most essentially a wide range of surface finishes. 

Well, it is called a paper bag, but if you talk about its recycling, it is quite tricky as plastic lining, and metalized inks are used while manufacturing. 

In addition to that, talking about its durability, these Euro tote bags are highly durable and can be easily used numerous times while going shopping or to store anything. Moreover, if you talk about its popularity, countless reputed and recognized brands have migrated to euro tote bags from plastic bags. And the reason for this shift is brand visibility.

     6. Bakery bags

These bakery bags are mainly used to store and protect food products. However, they are coated with Glassline or wax, and manufacturers have made these bakery bags in various attractive sizes and shapes. 

They are preferably used for preserving the actual taste and freshness of every perishable item, making them perfect for storing bread, cookies, and even coffee.

     7. Party bags

Whatever be the occasion be it a birthday, any festival, bachelorette party, or any other special event, you can gift anything like sweets, gift cards, etc to your near and dear ones in these bags.

To make them attractive, companies make them with glossy bright-shade papers that take the place of kraft paper after getting ready. 

     8. Mailing bags

If you talk about e-commerce shipments, then these mailing bags are quite famous and worth it. There are lots of products that are small and packed in these bags. Moreover, some of these bags come with a self-adhesive strip to close them.

     9. Recycled bags

As the name says, they are manufactured with recycled paper as their primary raw material. The main reason to produce paper bags with recycled one is that paper is manufactured using wood pulp, which results in deforestation. 

And the best part is while recycling, paper manufacturers use the pulp that comes from paper trash. With the advent of technology, new manufacturing techniques have come up that allow the manufacturing of recycled paper as good as wood pulp paper. However, they also come in various sizes and shapes, and they help businesses to show environmental concern.

     10. Vogue bags

This is an elegant and attractive alternative to plain paper. These types of bags are used by most of the retail stores. However, they are enormous and spacious, and the person can use them multiple times. If you talk about making a brand reputed and recognized, then these bags are the best example of it. 

In addition to that, these Vogue bags are also used for giving gifts to family and friends.

After reading various types of bags that are used nowadays all over the world, you might be thinking about what are the different types of paper bags materials are used in their manufacturing. So, paper manufactures use mainly four types of papers. They are: –

  • Kraft paper
  • Coated paper
  • White cardboard
  • Offset paper

Depending upon the usage, all of the different types of paper bags are made keeping in mind their toughness, smoothness, and aesthetics. 

Paper bags are the most commonly used bags nowadays to protect the environment and make it safe, green, and most essentially clean. And on the other hand, businesses are taking full advantage of this move on the name of environmental concern. Apart from this, if you want to make such a type of contribution in making the atmosphere and yourself safe, then go for these bags.  

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