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What is eco-friendly packaging?

With the evolution of business policy from retail to e-commerce, there comes a need for evolving the way things are bundled. Eco-friendly packaging is the new form of packaging which utilizes sustainable material or used resources for the purpose of structuring and bundling. This small change from unsustainable to sustainable packaging evidently reduces the business carbon footprint and also portrays the consciousness of the company towards environmental risk posed. Increasing awareness among the customers about the ill effects of plastic and the imposition of ban on the use of single-use plastic by several countries have made it challenging for business enterprises to come up with new innovative packaging techniques

But the question remains, how this can be useful in boosting sales?

A study on consumer behavior concerning sustainable packaging on Romanian Consumers has shown that respondents were aware of the impact of packaging on the environment and the reason for purchasing is environmental protection, recycle and the feeling of being responsible. Packaging preferences include paper, glass, and cardboard and, to a lesser extent, plastic and wood. A study conducted by Guardian has shown that eight out of ten people try reducing plastic waste and half are even willing to pay higher prices in doing the same. These studies on consumer behavior suggest the inclination of consumers to sustainable products.

Why switch?

The switch from plastic to eco-friendly cardboard boxes will reduce the cost of packaging. Since cardboard boxes are reusable and in the long run, will reduce the investments of the company. Thus, the net profit of the company will increase giving them a chance to explore newer methods and working more on improving their products. This will also assist in eliminating the vitality charges over the government. Consumers are known to be conscious of the environment and take sustainability into account while choosing a product. However, the same needs to be communicated through sustainable means to the consumers, and packaging is one of the easiest ways of doing so and creating an identity distinct from others. This sends the message of Cardboard boxes are the best choice of packaging since they are customizable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. These boxes are simple to make and handle and also safe for transportation. It is also affordable and is free from toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. Thus, it becomes the choice of packaging for business purposes.

Companies like Amazon have been using cardboard boxes for a long time and has introduced its ‘Frustration-Free Packaging’ initiative in 2008. This project was able to eliminate 11,200 tons of packaging, and by streamlined the ways in which their products were packaged. Another company, Dell has partnered with Ecovative, which has developed an alternative to Styrofoam which is grown from mushroom roots and wheat husks to produce packaging material of their own.

Measures to be taken with eco-friendly packaging and shipping

The following measures can be used by the companies while devising eco-friendly packaging techniques: Minimal waste should be produced while packaging and minimal material are to be used. Creative methods should be used for using less and still pack in an attractive manner, the transition of material from plastic to cardboard, printing pro-environment thoughts on the packaging material may also help in impressing the consumers. Recycling of goods, while packaging will also help in marinating the budget, serves the purpose of eco-friendly packaging.

Since the long battle against environmental pollution, this smart switch is the need of the hour for every company for establishing themselves as environmentally conscious and does their part in saving resources and using them effectively.


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