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First of all, we have to know about packing. Packing is the method or process to put anything in a cover or stack it in anything so that it can easily be displayed or transported or stored in the best way you want.

On this note let’s talk about product packing, it refers to an art or creative designs done to create the exterior of a product. This may be accomplished by choosing the material as well as colours, design, patterns or certain graphics which make a product attractive.

How does product packaging influence consumer behaviour?

This collective information leaves us to a new question that how packing of a product can influence consumers/customers behaviour, as we know that if a person looks at any product first thing he/she noticed is packing, which make a good or bad impression about a product in his or her mind i.e. the product is good or bad.

When we go to a supermarket or a departmental store where hundreds or thousands of product are stacked on the shelf having a similar product like a biscuit, but there is a major difference which is their packing which makes the product less or more attractive, this packaging difference may create a kind of clickbait of the product. as packing of a product is first that communicates with a person. Products with numerous patterns, different shapes, catchy colours can attract a person than a package with normal information.

A new style of packing or a very luminous style of packing can urge a person to buy a thing, even if it is not necessary for him/her in immediate future time. This packing battle of a product takes this industry to the next level and creates job opportunities for creative minds which can think about the mental status of a person when he/she buys a thing they are suffering from, even before the product is ready to deliver to market. 

This packing with bright colours is not only the thing that makes a packing attractive but some other factors influence the customer’s mind while choosing a product. Some brands write sweet quotes or other catchy slogans that make a customer feel impressed after getting to know about the product and believe that this may share the good vibes. e.g.:- A mother is going to buy some product for her newly born baby and there she found a brand selling their product with less attractive packing but the vibe of that product is so good and it feels premium and the quotes written over it are touching her heart and triggers her emotions (suppose the quotes like trust by the caring mother’s around the world).

We Can divide the packing on a different basis:- 

On the basis of origin:-

  • American Style:- This product packaging includes the simplest look yet premium feel of the product. E.g: Look at the packing of Reebok shoes that are simple white backgrounds with their brand name written over it.
  • Asian Style:- This product packaging includes a lighter background with punchier graphics, shapes and different designs, usually unusual designs, patterns or prints that make a product very eye-catchy. E.g: Look at any Korean or Japanese product like their game box. They have cartoons printed over it which attract a customer with their prints.
  • Subcontinental Style:- This product packaging includes brighter and punchier background colours. E.g.: Look at packaging of any Chinese smartphone-like realme having brighter yellow background which eagerly attracts a consumer toward them.

Basis Points about the packaging of a product that influence the customer’s mind:-

1. Premium feeling.

2. Catchy captions, slogans.

3. Convincing Quotes.

4. Different form factors from other similar products.

5. Clickbait content over label.

These are some points that can change the mindset of a customer about any product.

According to a worldwide survey, about 70%-75% of things which a person buys selected at the store is by looking at the product and feeling the form factor of that product. The person leaves home only keeping their needs in mind (just need not the brand) and chooses the product directly with their look and their promising caption on the package in the store. The final decision of the person depends on the promising image of the product formed in the mind of a person.

The image of the product largely depends on the packing of the product.

Let me explain with an example, that a person wants to buy a luxurious thing like a premium soap. When he goes to buy this required product and selects the product based on packing like the image on the product, quality of material used for packing, in-hand feel and many other luxury feels.

This shows how packaging affects consumers behaviour and leaves a deep impact on the sales of a product. Custom packaging can increase the effective sales of the product. The newly shaped container, the vibrant colour scheme can put this packing industry to upmost level and increase the sales figure.

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