Improve Your Business By Efficient Packaging

Efficient Packaging

Business is a complicated work and includes many complex processes. It is very important to focus on your product, improving it for good quality and better durability and launching in the market or directly to the customers but it is equally important to advertise your products and make it visually appealing. One way to do that is efficient packaging. Many people tend to ignore or keep it for the last time, but one has to understand that your packaging strategy should go hand in hand with the invention of your product. 

Packaging efficiency and correct strategy for packaging your goods and shipping of products reduce a lot of workloads. It plays a very important role in influencing your customers and their views about your product and also spreading awareness about your products among consumers.

Efficient packaging is a great skill one must learn while doing your business or are thinking to start your business. It helps in improving the growth of your business(revenue growth) that is required to run your business, reduce cost and shipping price. And, it also influences customers visually to use your products and services effectively. So, one should keep in mind that a strategy can help to build or destroy your business but an effective and correct strategy can help to grow your business better and better.

Before moving further, first, we need to figure out and seek the common mistakes which are made by the poor efficient packaging strategy and how we can reduce the cost of packaging. Here are some of the factors contributing to higher packaging costs:

  • Poorly designed materials used for packaging that allow damage.
  • Poorly packaging lines (the machinery involved in packaging). 
  • Packaging process takes a long time.
  • Paying for packaging boxes dimensions rather than product dimensions.
  • Inefficient models for manufacturing.
  • Failing to optimize packaging.
  • More expensive shipping cost.      

Avoiding the above mistakes and approaching in the best effective way of packaging processes you can save time, money and cost of your business. You should identify ways to improve effective packaging without disturbing the quality of your products. 

Effective packaging includes various strategies and processes involving types of machinery used, type of material used, shipping cost, payment dates, distribution in the market or directly to customers’ homes.

There are many ways by which one can improve their product packaging and include it in the business. These strategies are:

1.Reduce/limit the physical touch (automation)

In today’s world after the outbreak of pandemic disease all over the world, the spread of COVID 19 has led to the decrease of selling of products in the market. Therefore it is highly important to make a safer and correct strategy of packaging for the customers for the sales to rise again. It includes limited or less of the physical contact of the labours and more of processing by the machinery. Before the packaging industry used to hire labourers for packaging but in today’s scenario, it is important to include machines in the packaging industry. Machines are more efficient which reduces the labour cost, speed up the process and make the packaging much simpler. In machines, no extra amount of materials are needed and it works with the exact amount of materials supplied. 

2. Understand targeting market

It is very important to understand the market in which you are launching your products. You have to adapt and go with the trending designs and new technologies of packaging. This can attract more customers and can increase the sales rate of your product. You should analyse and see the new innovative packaging materials and designs released in the market to grow your business well. Stay connected and tuned with the packaging industry for innovative schemes. 

The packaging design should be more durable- to reduce the transit damage, lightweight- reducing labour cost and shipping cost, more secured- reduces the probability of spoilage and damage, and also the packaging should be environmental- friendly. It creates a good impression on customers mind and also makes your brand more reputed.

3. Collecting all sort of information

If you have started your business or are planning to start one you should first gather all the information needed for your business to grow, including packaging efficiency. Information on packaging efficiency should be gathered at the starting of your business and not at the end of it. You should know what materials to use for packaging, what are the new materials introduced in the market for packaging (again should keep track of the new innovations and strategy in materials and designs for the packaging.) Materials like cardstocks and polyolefin price increase month by month, but still there are materials like cardboard boxes (corrugate)  which will be cost-effective. 

You should also keep in mind the storage space available for these packaging materials. You cannot just buy and keep it without proper storage. If you don’t have much space or do not have a proper storage facility, you can join with other packaging industries which can offer you raw materials from time to time whenever needed. Teaming up with professionals won’t increase your budget if you are seeking a long time goal. Working with professionals helps your business to avoid costly packaging decisions that could set back your packaging operation strategies. They will help in balancing customer satisfaction as well as meet the demands of your products. They also reduce the cost by eliminating extra steps, automate packaging processes and also determine the best material for packaging and shipping. 

Another main information one should enlist is the recording of any product which is spoiled or damaged during the production. If the defective piece is packed and shipped, the customers will return the product and all the process which charged money from packaging to shipping will sink. To avoid loss and waste of time and money it is better to check and record the defective or a damaged piece of a product before packaging and shipping.

4. Distribution of your products

While packaging it should be very clear, what item or product you are selling. It should be mentioned on the packaging with good visuals, brand logo, etc. For this, you should be thinking before launching your product in the market. You should imagine how your brand/product will look in stores. The packaging of your goods should be in such a way that it attracts the mind of your customers. You should use good and trending material for packaging to support and protect your goods as you transport to the market. The return of your product should be minimum. This can be achieved by heavy-duty boxes and protective stuffing materials while packaging. It will be more effective when packaging suppliers join together and guide your packaging.

5. Optimize your packaging

Choose the packaging that utilises the minimal cost. Many of the styles and designs of packaging are costly. You have to choose the correct budget packaging which is relatable to your business and consider redesigning your current packaging if you already started one. Recreating and redesigning from time to time makes the packaging more engaging and attractive. Use of different styles, different colours, printing over the packaging instead of labelling it, printing logos and graphics are the new strategies of optimization. You should always grow and change your packaging efficiency with time.

6. Upgrading packaging lines 

Upgrading packaging lines is nothing but the machines involved in packaging. The machines should be up to date and well maintained. Since you don’t want to increase the efficient cost, it is, therefore, a necessary step to maintain and keep the packaging machines up to date. There should be someone to inspect the packaging machines and see their normal working. The packaging machines should be maintained on a regular basis and its maintenance should be recorded. Also, the spare parts of the machine must be there in the factory or in the company so as efficiently packaging is accomplished.

7. Eco-friendly packaging 

As discussed earlier, it is very important to make your packaging material environment friendly, it will make your product more appealing and your brand name becomes more reputed and well known for eco-friendly nature. Your customers also lookup for your products at the same time and help in non- polluting and not harming the environment. Look for biodegradable packaging materials which are easily disposable, easy to recycle and ethically also will promote your brand.

Hence, efficient packaging is an unavoidable part of your business, it is very important to understand where your business is standing in the market and what you can do to improve and grow your business. Attractive and versatile packaging efficiency is very useful in growing your business. You should be clear in what you are selling in the market, promote your business by printing appealing colours, logo graphics and good quality designs. Using appropriate material for efficient packaging, investing in quality designs, and upgrading your packaging machinery also improves efficient packaging processes. If you are planning to start your business or have already started one then you should take efficient packaging very seriously as it can save more money and remarkably increase your profit margin.   

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