Why paper bags are trending for a wedding gift

A wedding is the most joyous occasion in everyone’s lives. A lot goes in the planning of the wedding – venue for the wedding, caterers, dishes to be prepared, jewelry, clothes, photographer, and the list goes on. To add to this list, deciding on the wedding return gifts or wedding favors is time-consuming. The wedding favours have to be attractive and useful. Additionally, they have to be well-packed too. It has become a trend to use Paper Bags for packaging these gifts rather than using plastic bags as it adds elegance and gives a touch of class. 

Whilst there has been a trend of using cloth and jute bags to pack the wedding return gifts, it is not easily affordable by everyone. Cloth bags are eco-friendly and reusable but slightly overpriced when compared to the paper bags.

According to a report, there are 10 million weddings celebrated in India per year, and the wedding industry is estimated to be around -$40-50 billion. The majority of these weddings are in middle-class households hence affordability also matters. Reducing plastic usage is very crucial as it has hazardous effects on the environment.  Each wedding has a minimum of 500 guests and reducing plastic consumption at least in the form of packing the wedding return gifts will have a huge impact on reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. Swapping Plastic Bags with Paper Bags in each wedding contributes significantly to conserve nature.

Due to increased awareness among people and the ban of single-use plastic bags globally, many people are opting for paper packaging and paper bags. Based on recent research, lifestyle changes are also contributing to the increased use of paper bags as affordability has increased. 

A variety of papers such as Paperboard, Offset, White Cardboard, Kraft, Coated, and Art paper are used to prepare Paper Bags. There are different types of paper bags and they are available in different sizes: Large, Medium, and Small and can be chosen based on our requirements. 

The Paper Bags are available in various shapes. Thus they can be used for different purposes.  

  1. A Tote Bag or a merchandise bag can be used to pack large quantities.
  2. A Pinch bottom bag or Bakery bag (with wax lining) can be used to pack sweets and savories. 
  3. A Party Bag can be used to fill the souvenirs and mementos.

The Paper bags can be flat or have gussets which means they fold out to hold lots of whatever we want to put in them. 

These Paper Bags are both affordable and luxurious. They tend to impress the recipient as it provides the impression that the giver has taken time to present it. 

To match the current trend of theme-based weddings and also due to the firmness in texture, these wedding paper bags can be customized to the desired theme, painted with the preferred color, images, names of the couple and their families can be printed on the bags easily. 

It has become a fashion and style statement to use these Paper Bags as Wedding Gifts.

There are many eco-friendly benefits in using them which includes:

  • Paper bags are sturdy and resilient.
  • These bags are easy to carry. 
  • The paper bags are generally box-shaped in design that allows them to stand upright and hold more goods.
  • The bags are biodegradable and cost-effective.
  • The Paper Bags can withstand more weight as compared to plastic bags.
  • They are recyclable and the recycled paper can further be used as office paper, paper towel, toilet paper.
  • These Paper Bags do not pose a choking hazard for young children, wildlife, and pet animals. 
  • Also, the foods stored in these paper bags tend to remain fresh for a long time as compared to storing them in plastic bags.
  • These Paper bags can be reused when stored carefully.  
  • These Paper Bags are made using natural renewable resources.
  • They require less energy to create and also degenerate as compared to the plastic bags as these Paper Bags get degraded in a month or two as opposed to the plastic bags which take 5-6 years. 
  • These intricately designed Paper Bags can also be used as wedding décor to augment the table settings. 

Paper bags can be embossed and grained to enhance the look and are perfect to pack goodies such as sweets, souvenirs, clothes, and other gifts. They can be adorned with satins or ribbons.

Additionally, Gift tags can be used on these Paper Bags to let you know to whom the gift belongs to and also to remind as to who has gifted it. There will be provision to add personal messages in these gift tags as well.

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