Why E-Commerce Industry Need Packing Boxes

The packaging is a theatre, it can create a story. In this comestible world, it is said that people eat with their eyes. A memorable presentation truly leads to perception formation and hence a positive impression. According to W.J. Stanton, “Packaging is the general group of activities in product planning which helps in value designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.” So the packaging is that multi-faceted dimension that cannot be overlooked. 

According to GlobeNewswire, 72% of customers tried something new because the packaging caught their eye and 3% chose the brand because they could reuse the packaging.

Here are some reasons why the e-commerce industry needs packing boxes.

 1. Protection of the product

Well said by someone, “safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”. The product travels a lot before reaching the customer. A secure and sturdy packaging box ensures the safety of the product during its transit. Many companies pack their boxes with seals to prevent any sort of tampering of the product and to maintain the probity of the product as well.

 2. Promotion and visual aesthetic

Apart from eye-catching tag lines and slogans, attractive packagings also lend their hands in the promotion. Including discount vouchers, greetings or stickers are some of the moves for promotion. The companies pay special heed to the colors and contrasts of their packings. They may be referred to as silent salesmen. 

THIMM Dress Box is a high-impact shipping packaging | THIMM

 3. Product differentiation

There are thousands of products with similar shapes and sizes across the market. A unique packaging makes it easy for the customer to memorize the product. Innovative packings differentiate one product from the other. The color, size, and material of the package/box create a perception in the minds of the customers regarding the quality of the product. Sometimes some brands have similar names; it is the brand logo and the type of packing boxes that differentiates the products.

 4. Better relationship with the customers

A dependable and durable packaging is a sign that the brand is professional and consistent. A good packaging ensures trust to the customers. Further, packaging adds to the experience of the customer. Good packaging acts as a tool to earn customer loyalty. For instance, people have loved the packaging of the brand Apple over the years, which adds to the brand’s popularity. An impressed customer will talk about the packaging and the company to his friends and relatives, which in short is free marketing.

 5. Eco friendly

E-commerce industries have a sustainable way of packaging. The delivery boxes are durable and can be used further. Most of the packages are made up of paper, cardboard, bioplastics (derived from plant-based materials), plant fibers (like jute and cotton), and biodegradable plastics and biodegradable clear bags. Other such things include eco protective tapes and paddings. 

11 Strategies to Make Your Packaging More Sustainable - Lumi Blog

 6. First impressions last

A beautiful and innovative packaging creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of the customers. And as the saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression”. A good customized printed packaging box makes you emotionally invested in the brand. For instance, the brand Amazon’s custom packaging brings happiness to a lot of people, due to which Amazon has become a popular and trusted brand amongst the people.

 7. Social media marketing

Unboxing videos on youtube have become a buzzword these days. Before buying the product, people directly head to youtube to see these exciting unboxing videos. Now if the packaging of the product is creative and out of the box, it will be publicity in itself. People will thus be compelled to buy the product.

Use Custom Box Design to Get More Out of Your E-Commerce Packaging ...

E-commerce is a highly competitive business and it is the packaging that creates a difference as packaging is the only piece of marketing that reaches each and every customer.

The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERICAN), published a brochure describing the four R’s:

Reduce and consolidate orders, deliver more products in fewer packages.

Reuse the boxes and the cushioning materials provided.

Return the packaging to local shipping stores.

Recycle the corrugated and other materials, including polythene films.

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