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Aluminum Foiled Laminated Paper Bags:

SVPrintPack are your Aluminum Foiled Laminated Paper Bags Company that solely comprises of importing quality-checked products with a wide range to choose from storage solutions, accessories, manufacturing and packaging solutions that fits right for your business. As an Aluminum Foiled Laminated Paper Bags Suppliers we have achieved paramount success in manufacturing and supplying of the Bags in the market.

The Aluminum Foiled Laminated Bags are made out of Kraft Paper that functions to it being durable; the aluminum foil lamination inside performs to provide a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light conserving its fresh produce longer. There are a variety of types of sealing we offer to ensure safety and stability to the Bag. Our Aluminum Foil Laminated Stand-Up Zipper Pouch/Bag with one-way Degassing value is moisture proof and biodegradable. These Bags are highly appreciated by our clients in the market for their property of not absorbing or combining with the stored content. You can use Stand-Up Bags for preserving various items like coffee beans, tea, herbals, cookies, dry fruits, etc. Since the bags are made of Kraft Paper they enhance the Aluminum Foiled Lamination giving a more natural look owning to it being eco-friendly.

Features of the Aluminum Foiled Laminated Paper Bags:

  • 100% original paper pulp
  • One way degassing value
  • Re-sealable Zip Closures
  • Moisture and Temperate
  • Heat treated to make sterile
  • Food grade. Recyclable.
  • No fluorescent. No coloration of any sort
  • Tear notches.
  • Apt to seal using induction or heat
  • Aluminum Foil Lamination


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food products
  • Chemical powder
  • Feed supplements
  • Aromatic material

As Aluminum Foiled Laminated Paper Bags Makers we provide our customers with Small/ Medium/Large and Extra Large Bags and different colors to compliment the Bags according to your preferred customization. Under our special services for our valuable clients we also avail Aluminum Foiled Laminated Paper Bags Bulk Order for those take away food restaurants and hotels that require a reliable product that is in every way tested chemical free, you can absolutely rely on us for your needs.

We are an acclaimed Aluminum Foiled Laminated Wholesale organization that has been able to provide bulk amount of packaging bags to our clients nationwide. We also ensure that our products are in compliance with the industry standard.

Shop with us to vitalize your business with our Paper Bags that serves to set sophistication.